How can Supreme CVs help me?

With over 15 years CV writing experience we will ensure that your CV is first and foremost grammatically correct.  Your CV will look immaculate with a very modern and fresh design and layout and we will also introduce all the key words and power phrases that are necessary and applicable to your industry.  Doing this will ensure your CV lands at the highest possible ranking on CV jobsite searches – ensuring more hits on your CV by prospective employers and recruiters alike.

Why do I need Supreme CVs to write my CV?

Because a CV is not just job titles and duties – a CV expresses not only what skills and experience you have but WHO you are.  A well written CV will highlight your personality, your potential – what you are really capable of not just facts and figures and this is what some people find hard to impart into their CV. By creating a bespoke, eye-catching and highly professional CV that will highlight your achievements, focus on your qualities, skills and aspirations we will highlight your current and future capabilities which will allow your CV to stand out above the rest.

Will my CV writer have experience within my Industry?

Our CV writers come from a very broad range of industry sectors – including HR, recruitment, engineering, Health & Safety, Environment, marketing, sales, creative writing, education.  They are experts in their field and know what is needed in their sector to create a highly informative, creative CV with all the “buzz” words pertaining to your industry.

How does the process work?

Once you have purchased a CV package you will be asked to download a CV Questionnaire – fill it in and send it back to us (along with an existing CV if you have one).  Once we receive your filled in questionnaire our designated CV writer will call you and discuss your experience, what your next career move is and any other applicable questions.

Can Supreme CVs write my CV for a specific job?

YES we can – we can also write a couple of different profiles, so you can use whichever one is applicable.  A profile is a paragraph or two on the front page of your CV giving some detail about what job you have been doing, what you are looking for as your next career move and in a couple of major work or personal achievements.

Can my CV be completed without a consultation?

YES, this is one of the reasons we send a CV Questionnaire – with the technological advances and your busy lifestyle it is not necessary to have a consultation.  Because our CV writers are so highly trained and are from your industry sector they can write the CV with the questionnaire and a few emails to you.  This makes the process easier for you as experience has indicated that 1 hour telephone consultations can be stressful and often you will forget vital information – using a questionnaire you can choose when you fill it out and start the process.

Can Supreme CVs just do a reformat and quality check?

Yes, if you have written your CV yourself and want it checked and reformatted we can do this – a reformat will be layout and font changes, with a new modern CV template

How long will my CV take to rewrite?

Our standard service is 3-5 days – we want to get your CV right, so we spend time creating the most ideal CV for you.  Your draft CV is usually ready within 3 days.

Can I change my CV?

Yes, you will initially get a draft CV, usually within 3 days of sending us the questionnaire – you can make as many changes as you like.  After your CV is finished, we are happy to make any changes you would like up to 1 year free of charge.  After that date, any minor changes i.e. address, mobile number will also be free – for any other additions i.e. new job descriptions we will make a small charge.

In what format will my CV be in?

Word format to make it easy for you to make any changes or additions – PDF can also be sent upon request.

What can I expect from Supreme CVs?

We expect you to get interviews which will ultimately lead to job offers – once your CV is complete we offer FREE advice on how to go about getting a new job and how to market your CV.

Please call us on  0208 123 7355 if you have any other questions or ORDER A CV NOW